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Kamal Saieh

Sales Associate

Kamal was born and raised in the city of David and the birthplace of Christ in Bethlehem. He came to the US after high school to attend college where he met his wife, Lachelle. Kamal has three boys, Daniel, Austin, and Andrew. He became interested in real estate in 2005 after buying and selling a couple of properties for himself. He obtained his Texas Sales Agent license in 2006 and helped several buyers and sellers since achieve their real estate goals. Kamal holds an M.A. in Communication Studies and excels at negotiating the deal. He believes that the art of negotiating the deal will determine the final outcome of the service he provides. He also believes the foundation of a solid contract that benefits his clients is the key to their end satisfaction. Kamal cares about his clients and focuses his input and advice for their best interest.

Kamal has extensive marketing skills. In addition to utilizing the MLS and open houses, Kamal invests heavily in producing a polished professional video, photos brochures, and a property website profile. He then uses social media and the internet to generate the largest viewership which in turn increases interest and competition for the listed property.

For buyers, Kamal understands several crucial variables that can influence a property’s price, such as timing, property condition, location, current offers, and interest, in which he uses to negotiate the best deal for his buyers. He also strongly believes that every man and women should own at least a homestead. If you are a seller seeking to maximize your return or a buyer wanting to get the best deal and contract terms, then contact Kamal now for a free consultation.

Office: 512.342.1800
Email: [email protected]