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In 1981 while visiting a friend in Austin, Thom had a feeling that Austin could be a great place to move his family. The cold harsh winters and rainy springs had taken a toll on his psyche. Looking for a warmer climate, Austin seemed to be the place he could picture his family living. Having been involved in the real estate market in Maine in the capacity of apartment conversions to Condo’s, the real estate business seemed the perfect transition. Over the next year, he made numerous trips to Austin and with each trip enjoying the area more. During one of these trips, Thom went to real estate school, did the required classes and passed the Texas Real Estate exam. Over the next few years trying to work in real estate was difficult due to commuting back and forth from the east coast. In February 1985, Thom made the permanent move to Austin. The market was booming at that time. Little did he know that in the next number of months, the market would collapse. He initially thought it was a temporary slowdown. In September of 1985, Cindy, who had a full time career, took a leave of absence from her company to join Thom. From 1982 to the present, they have experienced at least 7 to 8 market shifts.

In 1986, Cindy resigned from her company in the Northeast where she was a district manager for a clothing company. Not being able to make the income she was accustomed to as a District Manager, she embarked on positions that would allow her to be an involved mom by volunteering in the children’s school starting at elementary and continuing through to college. During this period, Cindy worked at jobs that would help her in her Real Estate career. She worked in residential property management, commercial real estate, and farm and ranch. During the late 80’s, she and Thom were principal owners along with two other investors in a Custom Home Building business where she handled the day to day activities of the business, such as accounts receivable, payables, insurance, contractor bids and various other duties. In 1992, Cindy got her Real Estate license and joined Thom as a partner in residential sales.

Their first six years as partners in real estate, Cindy calls those years their “tight belting years” which has helped them survive the roller coaster ride that has been the Austin Real Estate Market. Survival of those lean years adds to Cindy and Thom’s durability and experience in the market. Through all the ups and downs of the Austin market, Cindy says it has been so worth it. They live in a vibrant and beautiful city that is full of energy and great opportunities. Cindy feels that by living in Austin, it allowed their two children to receive a great education. Daughter Jesse-LaRou Walsh, a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy, is presently enrolled in the Master’s program at the Navy College in Monterrey, Calif. Son Jameson Walsh, who also served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, is finishing his Master’s degree at John’s Hopkins University in Bio-Chemistry and is employed by Medimmune Inc., a pharmaceutical company located in Maryland.

After reading this brief bio on Thom and Cindy, you will come to know that as a client of Thom and Cindy’s you will have 50+ years of combined experience working for you. They know that “timing is everything” having experience many market changes over the years. Thom and Cindy know that to have happy satisfied clients, they need to make themselves available to their clients 24/7, and not just Monday – Friday 9 to 5. They feel without their loyal clients, they would not still be in business. Please take the time to visit their website cindyandthomwalsh.com

Cindy and Thom are members of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, The Austin Board of Realtors and the Austin Multiple Listing Service.

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