Management Team

Sage Westfall

Sales Associate

A young man born & raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Traveled through America with nothing more than a backpack & wide eyes. After years of exploration for my new home I couldn’t quite make up my mind on where to move. After 2 months in Mexico to practice my Spanish, I decided to to arrange a 2 day layover in Austin, Texas before going home to visit my parents. During those 2 days I felt something from a city that I’ve never felt before. Something that led me to find a job & roommate in under 12 hours before my flight…

Long story short, 2 weeks later I was back in town with my car, plants, & a couple stains on my face left from tears of joy that life was actually making sense for once. 8 months later I earned my real estate license & joined this lovely brokerage. I would love nothing more than to help those who choose me for probably the biggest purchase of their life, so having someone who you can genuinely trust & have an actual relationship with will make everything so much easier.

I’m not only your agent, I’m your neighbor too.

Office: 512-342-1800